The 4N1 Aqua-System

Have you ever wanted to own a high-end faucet but weren't willing to pay an exorbitant cost for all the functions and features? 

Well, now you can.

The 4N1 Aqua-System isn't mom's old faucet and you won't find it in your local home improvement store.

  • Premium filtered water

  • Instant, digitally controlled hot water

  • Standard hot/cold water

  • Luxury faucet

The 4N1 Aqua-System provides instant hot water, filtered water, and standard hot & cold water on demand.

Integrated system. Revolutionary technology.

The 4N1 Aqua-System is new to the North American market and integrates a standard water faucet, water filtration system, and our signature Digital Instant Hot Water Dispenser. It consists of the 4N1 Faucet, the 4N1 Instant Hot Water Dispenser, and our proprietary 4N1 Filtration System-FL1000. Already have a filtration system in your kitchen? No problem. The 4N1 is compatible with any water filtration brand on the market – even reverse osmosis systems.

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Be Part of the

Faucet Revolution

Advanced 3-Piece Configuration

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Save the planet.

If you live in drought-prone states like California and Texas, you know how crucial water conservation is. Good news! The 4N1 instant hot water feature eliminates wait times that standard faucets often need to dispense hot water. Combine that with energy saving, recyclable, and carbon-reducing technologies, and your conscience can rest at peace knowing you're doing your part to save the planet.


More space, please!

The center of the kitchen is of course the sink, faucet, and various accessories for daily use. In our fast-paced, immediate gratification lives, we’ve added more and more accessories, gadgets, and appliances for the sake of ‘efficiency’, when in fact, all we've done is simply add more clutter to our kitchen countertops. The 4N1 Aqua-System eliminates the need for water filters, bottled water, tea kettles, and even coffee makers.

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Instant. Hot. Water.

It’s easy to take your hot water dispenser for granted. Instant oatmeal practically borders on actual cooking when it has to be made in a microwave. All kidding aside, our fast-paced world demands expediency and convenience, and the 4N1 Aqua-System undeniably meets the challenge. By consolidating multiple systems into one easy fixture, you save time, energy, and money.


Make it your own.

So, you installed that built-in espresso maker and under-counter wine cooler, but you’re still cramped for counter and cupboard space. No worries, we’ve got you covered. The 4N1 faucet is more than just a pretty face. That means you don’t have to sacrifice contemporary style or precious storage space just to filter your drinking water and enjoy the convenience of instant hot water.

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Don't waste money.

To accomplish what our 4N1 Aqua-System provides in a space-saving, technically advanced, 3-piece configuration, consumers would need to spend money on a full-flow faucet, filtration faucet, hot water dispenser, and filtration system. That’s a lot of research, shopping, DIY YouTube videos, plumbing fees, and of course, money.


Avoid accidents.

How many times have you scalded your fingers testing the water temperature? The 4N1 Aqua-System is engineered with built-in automatic safety features to keep your family and home safe. The exact temperature control eliminates guesswork for food safety. And for any germophobes out there, what could be better than choosing your preferred hot water temperature for cleaning and disinfecting - especially during a pandemic?! 

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